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Winch Outs & Rollback Service

There are certain circumstances where a standard wrecker just will not cut it. While we boast a fleet of the highest quality trucks, a simple dolly cannot facilitate every function. In cases like this, a winch and/ or rollback service may be needed. Our professional, compassionate team is available round the clock to cater to any kind of assistance that you may need. For this reason, we offer the best winch out and rollback services in Houston! Want to know more? Keep reading or get in touch with us directly using the number above. 

What are winch-out services? 

You know the expression “stuck in the mud”? More often than you would think, vehicles find themselves the subject of this expression, or something akin to this. If a vehicle has been immobilized by environmental factors (such as mud or snow), slipped down into a ditch, or any other precarious situation, a winch-out service will have you up and running lickity split! A winch is a mechanical device consisting of heavy-duty wire, a drum, and a hook, which is secured to a truck. A winch makes it easy to pull immobilized or stuck vehicles from the situation they are in, without the need to endanger any other vehicles. 

What are rollback services? 

A rollback truck differs from a standard wrecker, in that the system used to transport vehicles is not a dolly system, but rather a flatbed that lowers to allows for easy moving of a completely immobilized vehicle. Oftentimes, these vehicles have been involved in some sort of accident and cannot operate safely through standard towing. Rollback services are thought to go hand in hand with winch-out services, though either of the two may be required without the need of the second, dependent on the situation. It is best to allow make contact with us to ascertain how we would most effectively assist you. 

24-hour service

Accidents do not exclusively occur during standard working hours (unfortunately). You may find yourself stuck and in need of service at any time of day, which is why it is incredibly important to us that we offer round-the-clock service. We take pride in knowing that no matter the need, no matter the time of day, we are able to assist our clientele! If you need help, do not be afraid to get in touch at any time that you need it! 

Compassion first 

Here at Houston Towing & Recovery, we understand that most of the situations we arrive at are extremely stressful for our clientele. In unfortunate cases, there may even be injuries that need to be tended to. While we are not a medical response team, we arrive on-site with the understanding that you are in need of a kind, helpful voice of clarity, there to help you through a tough circumstance. If you are looking for a tow service that does more than just winch you out of a tight spot, then we are the team for you!

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