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Roadside Assistance

Cars brand new or old, unfortunately, can run into issues. If this happens, you do not want to be left stranded without a plan. Houston Towing & Recovery has a team of capable, trained, and qualified technicians to assist you in your time of need. Roadside assistance is vital for a variety of reasons, from a flat tire to being locked out of your car, our affordable rates speedy response time will have you sorted in no time.

Flat tire 

A flat tire can happen to absolutely anyone, whether you hit a pothole or a puncture from something left in the road. Cars new and old regardless of how well looked after, are not protected from unexpected tire punctures. When the time arrives you may not have all the tools you need. Whether you are on the side of the road, an empty parking lot, or even in your driveway, our quick response time will have a team of qualified technicians at your service to get you up and running in no time. 

Dead Battery               

We have all been there, your child turns your back seat light on without you noticing, or you forget to turn your lights off when you get out of your car after a long day of work. The following morning you find yourself with a dead battery and no one to jumpstart you. With Houston Towing & Recovery, you need not worry. Give us a call and our fast response team will be able to give you a jump so you can still make school drop off or that 9 am meeting.

Car Lockout 

Have you ever been to a shopping center and you close all the doors without checking you have the keys on you? Or perhaps you misplace your keys, and your spare is either in your car or missing. When this happens, it can be stress full. Believe it or not, this is one of the most common reasons roadside assistance is requested. When this happens to you, stop and breathe. If you have your phone on you give us a call and we will have someone out to assist you in no time. If your phone is one of the items locked in your car it is important not to panic, find someone nearby who would be willing to help and use their phone. You can have peace of mind knowing we can get you on the road as nothing happened in time.

Emergency Towing

It is a fact of life that regardless of how careful you are with the maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle it may at some point in your years of owning it have a breakdown. Although we may not like to plan for emergencies, and often before we leave our home, the plan for an unexpected breakdown does not enter our minds. Houston Towing & Recovery will make sure you are never left stranded. Regardless of the reason for your breakdown give us a call and our speedy service will ensure you and your car being towed to be repaired.

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