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The success of a towing brand is heavily affected by the reputation that proceeds it. At Houston Towing and Recovery, we strive for our reputation to encompass a few things. The first is the highest level of customer service offered to every person who employs our services. We understand that situations where towing are necessary may be scary, stressful, or a time of immense loss, which is why our technicians offer not only a friendly, helping hand, but also compassion, kindness, and a gentle voice of clarity in times of need. We cannot assist with all that needs to be addressed at the scene of an accident, however, we can ensure that what we can do is done well and with the utmost professionalism. 

The second thing that we consider immensely important to our reputation is the quality of our work. All too often, we hear horror stories of vehicles being damaged while being towed, customers left high and dry on the roadside, or vehicle damage caused during general work. We have countless processes and procedures in place to ensure that this is something that neither our clientele nor our management team needs to worry about. To this end, our technicians are continuously trained and tested to ensure that they are more than capable of providing excellence at all times, any time of day or night! If you want to know more about the legacy that we strive to create, then give us a call and chat with one of our towing experts!

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